Same Type Attack Bonus Episode 4 – Pokémon Origins

Welcome to the Same Type Attack Bonus podcast, your twice monthly look into the deeper worlds of Pokémon! On this episode, recorded Saturday, August 10, 2016, trainer Spike leads a discussion on Pokémon Origins, the miniseries that pays homage to the original games!



This week, trainer Spike leads a discussion on Pokémon Origins! This OVA (original video animation) style miniseries stays faithful to the original Game Boy games and tells the story of an aspiring Pokémon trainer named Red and his faithful Charmander. The trainers give an in depth look at each of the four episodes and their reactions to the series as a whole.


This week, the trainers discuss Episodes 9-12 of Pokémon: XY!



This week we’re discussing Pokémon Origins! What are your thoughts on the OVA that tells the story of Red/Green/Blue?

And our Pokémon of the Week is Rattata! They are literally EVERYWHERE, including Alola. What do you think of the Mouse Pokémon?


The Pokémon of the Week is Rattata!



Theme music is “Professor Sycamore’s Theme” by Nathan Sharp.

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