Same Type Attack Bonus Podcast Episode 2 – EVs, IVs, and You

Welcome to the Same Type Attack Bonus podcast, your twice monthly look into the deeper worlds of Pokémon! On this episode, recorded Sunday, July 31, 2016, trainers Sulker, Spike, and Slagkick discuss the mechanics of EVs and IVs in the main Pokémon games.



This week, trainer Sulker leads Spike and Slagkick in a discussion on the hidden mechanics of EVs and IVs in the core Pokémon games! These values have been in the game code since Generation I and affect the stat growth of Pokémon. The trainers talk about various ways the systems work and how they can allow you to build Pokémon with the ideal stats.

To start learning more about EVs and IVs, a great place to start is!


The Pokémon of the Week is Mewtwo!


This week, the trainers discuss Episodes 1-4 of Pokémon: XY!


This week we’re talking about EVs and IVs! How deep down the rabbit hole (or should that be Bunnelby hole?) have you gone?

And our Pokémon of the week is… Mewtwo! Share your thoughts on Number 150, the genetic Pokémon!



Theme music is “Professor Sycamore’s Theme” by Nathan Sharp.

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