Same Type Attack Bonus Podcast Episode 20 – Reevaluating Pokken

Welcome to the Same Type Attack Bonus podcast, your twice monthly look into the deeper worlds of Pokemon! On this episode, recorded Saturday, July 22, 2017, Trainer Spike leads a discussion taking a second look at Pokken Tournament!



This week, Trainer Spike leads a discussion to reevaluate Pokken Tournament. The Trainers discuss the development and release history of the game as well as how the competitive scene has evolved and allowed players to see what high level competitive play looks like.


This week, the trainers discuss Episodes 23 and 24 of Pokemon Sun and Moon!


The Pokemon of the Week is Magikarp!


This week we take a closer look at Pokken Tournament, where things went wrong, and what worked well. What are your thoughts?

Our Pokemon of the Week is Magikarp! What are your thoughts on this fishy-queen? Is it a Splash or has it jumped too far?



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