Same Type Attack Bonus Episode 15 – MissingNo. She Betta Don’t

Welcome to the Same Type Attack Bonus podcast, your twice monthly look into the deeper worlds of Pokemon! On this episode, recorded Sunday, March 5, 2017, Trainer Slagkick leads a discussion about glitches in the main Pokemon games!



This week, Trainer Slagkick leads a discussion on glitches in the main Pokemon games! The trainers talk about both popular and lesser known glitches, some of which can be exploited to the user’s gain, and some of which can have dire consequences. They also examine the impact of game glitches in an era where the games can now be patched.


This week, the trainers discuss Episodes 14-15 of Pokemon Sun and Moon and Episodes 12-13 of Pokemon Generations!


The Pokemon of the Week is Pikachu!


This week we look at notable glitches in the Pokemon games! Have you ever encountered or intentionally used one?



Theme music is “Professor Sycamore’s Theme” by Nathan Sharp.

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