Same Type Attack Bonus Podcast Episode 12 – POST GAME MADNESS

Welcome to the Same Type Attack Bonus podcast, your twice monthly look into the deeper worlds of Pokemon! On this episode, recorded Sunday, January 15, 2017, Trainer Slagkick leads a discussion on the Pokemon Sun and Moon postgame!



This week, Trainer Slagkick leads a discussion on the Pokemon Sun and moon postgame! The trainers discuss the different Pokemon that can be caught and collected, notable NPCs to battle, and important items to collect along with their own personal experiences and impressions of the content.


This week, the trainers discuss Episodes 9-10 of Pokemon Sun and Moon and Episode 8 of Pokemon Generations!


The Pokemon of the Week is Passimian!


This week we explore the postgame of Pokemon Sun and Moon! What have you spent your time doing since finishing the main quest?



Theme music is “Professor Sycamore’s Theme” by Nathan Sharp.

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